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We recognize the importance of talking with children about race and equity–
often and from a young age! Our youngest learners look to their parents and caregivers to not only create safe environments so they can thrive, but to also give them the tools to process current events. 

Check out these resources for tips and tools on how to have these important conversations with the children in your life:

Sesame Street: The ABC’s of Racial Literacy

Becoming Upended: Teaching and Learning about Race and Racism with Young Children and Their Families -National Association for the Education of Young Children

EmbraceRace: Focused on raising a generation of children who are thoughtful, informed, and brave about race.

WeAre: Anti-Racism education for NC educators.

From Black Lives Matter: Comprehensive list of anti-racism resources for white people and parents.

How to Talk to Your Children about Race and Racism – Parent Toolkit

Talking to Kids About Race Early and Often: a book list-  New York Times 

Why White Parents Need to Do More Than Talk to Their Kids About Racism: Insights into how people can improve, after two years of studying the behavior white families – TIME Magazine

 Books to read with your child addressing race

At CFRC, we are also building our Early Learning Center Library with books on how to talk to your child about race and racism. We are having a lot of tough conversations these days and this collection of picture books help kick start important dialogue and provide context. We would love to have these books available for our members to check out in our Early Learning Center. Please consider making a purchase to help our collection grow.

Amazon Book Wish List

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