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Child Care & Parenting
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Our mission is to nurture the development of children by building a strong foundation of family and community. 

We know the first years of a child’s life are the most important developmentally and they set the foundation for a child’s future. 

Our parenting programs work to create positive, nurturing relationships between the child and the parents and break the chains of negative behaviors and parenting techniques. We focus on developmentally appropriate behaviors and activities so both the child and parents feel prepared not only for kindergarten but for the bright future ahead of them.

Our work with child care providers focuses on improving the quality of child care programs in the county, increasing educational opportunities and the skill level of child care providers and we serve as their resource for professional development and on-site technical assistance.

From pregnancy through the adolescent years, our programs focus on:

  • Family Education and Support
  • School Readiness
  • Social Emotional Health
  • Quality Early Childhood Experiences

We’ve created a “Coronavirus Family Resources” page featuring the latest news and events surrounding Covid-19, social distancing and hygiene practices, activities for schooling at home and more. Click here for more info.

November is Family Engagement Month!

The Family Engagement Month calendar is a list of daily activities that you can do with your child anytime. The activities are meant to be fun and to make the most of those teachable moments. Not every activity will be appropriate for every child. Children have different abilities as well as different interests. You can modify many of the activities to meet the needs of your child. 

¡Noviembre es el Mes de la Compromiso Familiar! El calendario del Mes de Compromiso Familiar es una lista de actividades diarias que usted puede hacer con su hijo en cualquier momento. Las actividades están diseñadas para ser divertidas y para aprovechar al máximo los momentos de enseñanza. No todas las actividades serán apropiadas para todos los niño. Los niños tienen diferentes habilidades, así como diferentes intereses. Las actividadae puede ser modificar para satisfacer las necesidades de su hijo.

Download age appropriate calendars here:

Early Childhood – English

Early Childhood – Spanish

Elementary Age – English

Elementary Age – Spanish

Middle & High Schoolers – English

Middle & High Schoolers – Spanish

We recognize the importance of talking with children about race and equity–
often and from a young age! Our youngest minds look to their parents and caregivers to not only create safe environments so they can thrive, but to also give them the tools to process current events. 

Click here for a list of resources for tips and tools on how to have these important conversations with the children in your life.

Having “The Talk”

When I think about having “the talk” with my kids, my heart races and I have anxiety about what I imagine will be an awkward conversation.  As I think about how that dialogue will play out, I am thankful for parent educators like my incredible co-workers at the Children & Family Resource Center, and other resources that will help make my “talk” to my children about sexual health a little easier.

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