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Child Care & Parenting Resources
In One Location

We nurture the development of children by building a strong foundation of family and community.

We know that the first five years of a child’s life are the most important developmentally and that they set the foundation for a child’s future. Our parenting programs work to create positive, nurturing relationships between the child and the parents and break the chains of negative behaviors and parenting techniques. We focus on developmentally appropriate behaviors and activities so both the child and parents feel prepared not only for kindergarten but for the bright future ahead of them. The ten programs and one scholarship offered at the Center focus on improving the quality of child care programs in the county, increasing educational opportunities and the skill level of child care providers, and preventing abuse and neglect through intensive parent education, ensuring a healthy start in the child’s life and helping them reach their full potential.

Here are some ways CFRC can help:

  • Training and technical assistance for child care providers
  • Parent Education & Support
  • Educational Library
  • Scholarship Programs

Embracing our homeless youth

A variety of resources report that over the past few years, homeless families make up between 34 percent to 41 percent of the total U.S. homeless population and are the fastest growing demographic of homeless people. Here in our own community, Henderson County Public...

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When parents aren’t ‘good at math’

In these first few weeks of school, I wonder how many parents have heard complaints from their children about math, and how many have responded with something about how bad they used to be at math. Adults can have very strong and negative feelings about math. We...

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Kids’ social-emotional competence

A tremendous amount of social-emotional development occurs in early childhood and continues through life. It includes how children learn to express and manage their own emotions, their ability to understand others’ expression of emotions, form attachments, or play...

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