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This week, thanks to your help, we were able to screen a four-year-old little boy for vision, hearing and developmental delays.

Zachary’s pre-school teachers were worried that his behavior and inability to focus might be an issue once he started Kindergarten. Through our PREP Screening Program, we were able to determine that Zachary was experiencing hearing loss. After a conference with his mother, we were able to recommend that an audiologist work with Zachary. Zachary’s mother shared her story with us:

“I immediately burst into tears. I, too, have hearing loss but it was not caught until I was in middle school. I was always accused of being STUBBORN and DEFIANT when really I just couldn’t hear.”

Your donation will ensure that children like Zachary continue to receive screenings that can bring about real change in their lives.

More than 50% of children in our community are considered “not ready” for school on their first day of Kindergarten. We do screenings in a supportive, child-centered manner – working with families in their homes or at the child’s school, or by inviting families in to our bright and welcoming facility.

Truthfully, we could not do this without you. For less than $20 a month you can make a HUGE difference!

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