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The Incredible Years Parent Program

Join a dynamic community of parents..

Learn new parenting skills, be supported as you practice these skills, and grow your confidence and pride in yourself to be able to handle all of the ups and downs of parenting. No cost, no hassle, no judgments…just practical tools for having more peace and joy as a family!

2 Series offered:

  • Preschool Series (parents of children ages 3-6 years)
  • School-Age Series (parents of children ages 6-12 years)

Participating Parents/Caregivers will receive:

  • Weekly parenting sessions for 14 weeks
  • Free childcare and dinner provided at each session
  • Incentives for graduating from the program

Upcoming Series:

Upcoming Series:

Preschool Series (3-6 year olds):  The Fall 2018 series will be offered Tuesday, September 11 – Tuesday, December 11.  Contact us now to enroll!

School-Age Series (6-12 year olds):  The Fall 2018 series will be offered Thursday, October 4 – Thursday, January 19.  Contact us now to enroll!

Contact one of the Parent Group Leaders with questions or to enroll:

Laura D’Angelo                                        Becki Woolf
(828) 698-0674 Ext. 170                             (828) 698-0674 Ext. 172         

Be sure to check out our weekly parent/caregiver mutual support group Circle of Parents!


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For more information,
please contact:

Laura D’Angelo
Parent Group Leader
(828) 698 – 0674 Ext. 170

Becki Woolf
Parent Group Leader
(828) 698-0674 Ext. 172

Program funded by NC Department of Health & Human Services – Division of Social Services