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Child Care & Parenting Resources
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We improve children’s lives through parent education, quality child care resources and leadership on children’s issues throughout the community.

We know that the first five years of a child’s life are the most important developmentally and that they set the foundation for a child’s future. Our parenting programs work to create positive, nurturing relationships between the child and the parents and break the chains of negative behaviors and parenting techniques. We focus on developmentally appropriate behaviors and activities so both the child and parents feel prepared not only for kindergarten but for the bright future ahead of them. The ten programs and one scholarship offered at the Center focus on improving the quality of child care programs in the county, increasing educational opportunities and the skill level of child care providers, and preventing abuse and neglect through intensive parent education, ensuring a healthy start in the child’s life and helping them reach their full potential.

View our 2016-2017 Annual Report by clicking on the image below.

Here are some ways CFRC can help:

  • Training and technical assistance for child care providers
  • Parent Education & Support
  • Educational Library
  • Scholarship Programs


“We walked away from this course with new friends, new tools and the improved perspective we needed.”

- IY program participant

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Summer Learning helps children be ready for school

I know it’s hard to think about a big-kid thing like school when you’re looking at a 2- or 3-year-old, but what you’re doing with them today will determine whether they are ready when the time comes. And it comes. FAST! Read...

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Pathway to grade-level reading

My son wasn’t reading at grade-level at the end of third grade. His struggle set off a series of interventions that seemed to only improve things slightly.Unfortunately, it wasn’t until the end of eighth grade that we finally got a correct diagnosis: dyslexia. Up...

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Community Connections: The pain of success

From columnist, Renee Kumor: There’s a lot to be said for success. And we can find success in a lot of places. Sometimes we make it, and sometimes we benefit from it and sometimes we all bask in its glow. Like the evening I joined many of my friends at the Children...

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