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Professional Development Coordinator (Full-Time)

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Incredible Changes after Incredible Years Program


As a mother of four year old triplets, seemingly simple things like trips to the grocery store were never easy, and power struggles between the kids were a daily occurrence, so when Tiffany Iannucci walked into the Early Learning Center at the Children & Family Resource Center and saw the brochure for the Incredible Years program, she signed up immediately.

Just a few short weeks after attending the first Incredible Years group session, Tiffany noticed a change; not only in the way the kids were behaving, but in the way she was parenting. The Incredible Years program fosters healthy development in young children by strengthening a parent’s parenting skills and helping them develop effective strategies for managing their children’s challenging behaviors. Tiffany found that as life had gotten busier, she had forgotten the importance of play and praising her children for the little triumphs like putting on their shoes. The program reminded her about the benefits of child-directed play and taking time to interact with her children in meaningful ways.

Today, having completed the program, Tiffany feels like the whole family has been refreshed. Sophia, John, and Ava are getting along beautifully and Tiffany and her husband, John, have improved their interactions with their children. “Before the babies arrived, we read everything we could on infancy, but as they got older, we got so busy that we forgot the simple things. Now, trips to the grocery store are no longer painful and a smile comes across my face when I listen to the way the kids talk to each other. The Incredible Years program has reminded me of all the little things I can do to make a HUGE difference in the lives of my children.”


A Little Behavior Intervention Can Make a HUGE Difference

1KidFaceEvery day before Vera picked Malecki up from daycare; she mentally prepared herself for the latest incident she was sure to hear about. Her grandson repeatedly hit and kicked other classmates and acted aggressively toward his peers, causing him to be labeled a behavior problem. Unable to change these behaviors and unsure about how to best discipline the child, the center called on the Behavior Intervention program offered through the Children and Family Resource Center . The classroom was assessed and the grandmother and child care provider, alongside the (behavior interventionist), built a Behavior Improvement Plan in order to change the negative activities and modify classroom discipline approaches.

Today, only a few weeks later, Malecki is showing vast improvements in his day to day actions. He no longer has destructive outbursts, and was out of diapers in a week. Vera no longer dreads picking up the young boy from daycare and instead hears praise for her grandson, rather than a list of grievances. Behavior problems during the preschool years are meaningful predictors of continued behavior problems and academic difficulties during kindergarten and even adolescence. Chronic behavior problems often result in a child being asked to leave a child care program, creating a lack of stability for the child. Rather than letting these activities persist, the Behavior Intervention Program gets all those involved in the child’s life and determines real solutions to manage challenging behaviors. These services offer child care providers and parents the support they need to support healthy social-emotional development in the classroom and at home.

Join us as we invest in the children of Henderson County. The program offered at the Children and Family Resource Center are building stronger foundations for the children in our community by providing resources to help child care centers create positive learning environments, screening children so they can start school with all the necessary tools, helping young mothers finish their high school education, and offering college scholarships to single mothers in need.

Coat Drive for Families Served

November is National Homeless Youth Awareness Month and the Children and Family Resource Center is collecting coats for the mothers and children involved in the Adolescent Parenting Program and Parents as Teachers Program.  We are looking for mittens, scarves, and hats for infants, children, and teens – new or gently used.

The Center will be collecting items until the end of the month and any leftover coats will be donated to homeless teens in Henderson County. For more information contact Rachel Stein at 698-0674.

In addition to collecting coats and winter items for our Children and Family Resource Center babies, children, and teens, we’ll serve as a collection site for Only Hope WNC for the following items:

Gas Cards
Feminine Hygiene Products
School Supplies
Body Wash/Soap
Toilet Paper
Air Mattresses
Non-Perishable Food

For more information contact Rachel Stein at 698-0674 ext. 143.

14th Annual Harvest Dinner with the Stars


November 2, 2013 at the Kenmure Country

Harvest Dinner with the Stars is the Children & Family Resource Center’s signature event. Held every autumn at Kenmure Country Club, this event raises a significant percentage of our annual operating needs. The stars are local youth; their performances make this event truly unique and enjoyable.

For thousands of children and families every year, the Children & Family Resource Center offers hope and their first step ahead. YOU can play a personal and important role in ensuring that we are here, able to come alongside them in taking that first step. Sponsoring events, buying tickets, purchasing auction items, making a donation…all comes together and allows us to bring hope to families. It is our goal that every encounter a person has with the Children & Family Resource Center leaves them with hope.
For more information about the Harvest Dinner, please contact: Sarah Leatham, Director of Development & Community Engagement

By Phone: (828) 698-0674 Ex. 103

By Email: sarahL@childrenandfamily.org

Educate, Laugh, Connect Parent Group


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Open House at the Early Learning Center Saturday, October 19th.

Come tour the Early Learning Center Saturday, October 19th from 10-12 and check out books, videos, and learning kits for use in your classroom or at home. Children can listen to storyteller Ronnie Pepper at 10:30, or read a book with one of three therapy dogs. Become a member of the Early Learning Center that day, and you will receive $5 off the annual $20 membership fee. The Early Learning Center is a resource library for parents, teachers and early childhood educators that provide developmentally appropriate educational materials for teaching and engaging young children.

The programs offered at the Children & Family Resource Center are building stronger foundations for the children in our community by providing resources to help parents and child care centers create positive learning environments, screening children so they can start school with all the necessary tools, teaching parenting skills to families, and offering scholarships to educators and single mothers in need.

WINS Scholarship Recipient Dreams Big


As the oldest in her family, Lupita knew going off to college right after high school was not an option.  Not only was cost a factor, but she needed to stay home to help with her siblings.  Lupita decided to attend Blue Ridge Community College where she received her Cosmetology certificate and went on to work in a salon for two years.  Lupita realized this was not the career path she wanted for her life and decided to make a change.  She began volunteering at the Grotto School and discovered the joys of working with young children.  Watching the Hispanic children struggle to communicate with their teachers, she realized she could help.

She discovered the Women in Early Childhood Scholarship Program offered through the Children and Family Resource Center and decided to pursue her dreams of working with children with autism.    Now in her second semester, Lupita’s volunteering led to a position at the Grotto School and she maintains a 3.1 cumulative grade point average through the cohort at East Tennessee University.  She is pursuing her dreams of not only earning her Bachelor’s degree, but also of “becoming a role model for her family, the Hispanic youth in her church, and all diverse groups of children.”  The Children & Family Resource Center’s Women in Early Childhood Education Scholarship removed the financial barriers keeping Lupita from pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree and has empowered her to make a difference in the lives of children on the autism spectrum.

Now Hiring a Bilingual Parent Educator

Bilingual Parent Educator Job Description

To apply send Employment Application, cover letter,  and resume to Jolie Singletary at jolies@childrenandfamily.org.

Reading to Rover

Children are invited to come out to the Early Learning Center at the Children & Family Resource Center on the first Thursday of the month beginning on September 5th  from 3:00 to 4:30 to practice their reading skills while sharing their favorite stories with a lovable therapy dog.  When children read to a therapy dog, their environment is transformed and the dread that is often associated with reading turns into eager anticipation allowing learning to take place.

In many programs over the country, specially trained dogs are helping children become confident readers. Participating kids are making enormous strides in reading and communication skills, while also building self-esteem, confidence, and social skills.

Early readers are encouraged to come to the Early Learning Center to share a book with an adorable reading companion.  Call Noreen at (698)-0674 ext. 110, to make a reservation as space is limited.

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