About Us

We improve children’s lives through parent education, quality child care resources and leadership on children’s issues throughout our community.

The Children & Family Resource Center is a place where parents can find the early childhood help they need from many community resources. We give parents the resources they need to be the best parents they can be from day one by:

  • teaching them how to provide appropriate early learning, good health care and positive emotional support for their children from baby and toddler stages through to their early school years.
  • providing information to help them make good child care choices. We have a complete listing of child care facilities in the area.
  • maintaining a resource library that provides methods and materials and lends age-appropriate books, videos, toys and games to both parents and child care providers.
  • providing referrals to needed services and professional advice on a variety of parenting issues.
  • offering support and direction for the special challenges teen parents face.
  • leading within the community to target specific local children’s issues and work on solutions.