Child Care & Parenting
Resources in One Location

We improve children’s lives through parent education, quality child care resources and leadership on children’s issues throughout the community.

We know that the earliest years of a child’s life are most important for brain development and the emergence of social, cognitive, and emotional skills. Our programs give parents and caregivers the support they need to ensure a healthy start in life for the children in their care, helping them develop to their full potential.

Here are some ways CFRC can help:

  • Trainings and technical assistance for child care providers
  • Parent Education
  • Educational Library
  • Scholarship Programs

Dreams for Her Children

At age 16, Pam became pregnant and during her senior year of high school joined the Children & Family Resource Center’s Adolescent Parenting Program.  The guidance she received from her program coordinator and the support from the other young mother’s in the... read more

Child Care Costs Surpass College

By Elisha Freeman, Executive Director The average cost of child care here in North Carolina is $9,135 per year for infant care and $7,774 for a 4-year-old. This is more than the tuition at the University of North Carolina-Asheville, where tuition alone equals $6,392... read more

Negative Discipline Isn’t Necessary

A donor requested that I address the issue of spanking. I know there are those who certainly don’t condone child abuse but who feel spanking is an appropriate form of punishment. Like many people, I was spanked as a child. For me, it was always a last resort, and it... read more