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We improve children’s lives through parent education, quality child care resources and leadership on children’s issues throughout the community.

We know the first five years of a child’s life are the most important developmentally and set the foundation for a child’s future. Our parenting programs work to create positive, nurturing relationships between the child and the parents and break the chains of negative behaviors and parenting techniques. We focus on developmentally appropriate behaviors and activities so both the child and parents feel prepared not only for kindergarten but for the bright future ahead of them. The ten programs and one scholarship offered at the Center focus on improving the quality of child care programs in the county, increasing educational opportunities and the skill level of child care providers, and preventing abuse and neglect through intensive parent education, ensuring a healthy start in the child’s life and helping them reach their full potential.


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Here are some ways CFRC can help:

  • Training and technical assistance for child care providers
  • Parent Education & Support
  • Educational Library
  • Scholarship Programs


Nurturing the art of language

A child’s ability to read proficiently by third grade is the biggest indicator of academic success. Children who are not reading proficiently by this age are four times more likely to drop out of school, according to “Double Jeopardy” by the Annie E. Casey Foundation (2012). Continue... read more

Strong families boost community

The Children & Family Resource Center is all about families. Not only the families we have the privilege of serving, but our own family of staff members, volunteers, board members and donors. Sadly, this year we’ve lost several special members of the Children & Family Resource Center’s family: Bob Kemp, Carola Cohn, Vivian Hoeppner, Christine Folwell and Terry Hicks. One was a former staff member. All were donors, and all were special to us in their own ways. Most certainly, all played a part in our history and, like a family should do, they believed in us and supported us in our important milestones. continue... read more

Knowledge, wisdom aren’t the same

I learned something recently that surprised me. In Europe, children as young as 5 years old are learning how to program computers when they start school. I live and breathe early childhood at work, and somehow this was news to me. These efforts are aimed at giving children knowledge — skills they will need to be employable in the workforce of the future. Some economists and educators believe that European countries are ahead of the game when compared to the U.S. Continue... read more